Types of Volunteers

Be a Child’s Tutor or Mentor

Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services of Texas and Louisiana - Presbyterian Volunteer OpportunitiesNationwide, less than 70% of the children in foster care finish high school and less than 3% earn a bachelor’s degree. Because of the trauma they’ve experienced, it is common for them to have fallen behind their peers in school; sometimes three or four years behind.

There is a pressing need for tutors to help children not only master basic educational skills, but also more advanced and specialized subjects such as geometry and chemistry. Children also need mentors. If a mentor can intervene in the life of a troubled child, often he or she can prevent more serious problems from occurring. Children in foster care – especially those who have been bounced from home to home – need consistency, so volunteers who serve as tutors or mentors are asked to make a longer-term commitment and undergo specialized training.

Help Families in Crisis

The PCHAS Child and Family program provides preventative, in-home services to help families in crisis stay together. Child and Family Specialists in 17 Texas cities work around the clock to help families overcome great obstacles. You can help by tutoring and/or mentoring children and teenagers, assisting with parenting classes or working one-on-one with single mothers on parenting issues.

Help Single Parents

The Single Parent Family Program needs adult volunteers who can serve as tutors to single mothers and their children. Volunteers could offer a one-time class to a small group of moms, for example, or volunteer on a regular basis to tutor one mother at a time. Volunteers can also help by teaching life skills such as cooking, budgeting and parenting. Regular instruction is most needed, but volunteers could begin with a one-time workshop to determine if it is a good fit and if they can offer more time.

Help Foster Parents and their Children

There are many ways to help PCHAS’ Foster Care team support foster parents and their children. You can assemble “welcome packets” for the children or assist with foster parent training sessions by providing food and/or child care.

Help the Children in PCHAS Group Homes

PCHAS needs volunteers on a regular, on-going basis, but if you have limited time, you can also volunteer for a short-term project – like helping out with transportation. Like most kids, the children in our Group Homes are busy with sports, band and other activities. Home Parents can’t be everywhere at once; they need help with transportation. You can also organize recreational activities for the children — treat them to a night at the movies or arrange a group sports activity. If you like to cook, why not cook a meal with the children and their Home Parents. It’s fun!

Help Maintain Our Group Home Facilities

Just like your own home, our Group Homes need TLC on a regular basis. Trimming trees, gardening, general repairs and painting are just a few ways that you can help. This kind of project is ideal for church groups who want to participate in an activity together.