Single Parent Family Program

Read reflections from a Single Parent Family Program ClientMany of us see a homeless person – alone – on the street. And it’s heartbreaking. Most people don’t realize that single mothers with children comprise the largest homeless population. They are struggling to build lives for themselves while caring for their children. That’s why Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services created its Single Parent Family Program. The program helps single mothers who are facing homelessness due to poverty, abuse, divorce, incarceration, abandonment, violence or other crisis. Our goal is to give these women a chance to become strong and self-sufficient without constantly fearing for their and their children’s survival and safety. Women participating in our residential homes in Houston, San Antonio and Waxahachie, Texas are able to stay from 9 to 15 months, as they work towards achieving personal goals and ultimately independence.

Our Residential Single Parent Programs in Texas offer:

  • Employment assistance including educational and vocational help and support choosing a future career
  • Individual counseling, case management and therapy for mothers and children
  • Assistance with obtaining food stamps and health insurance
  • Money management and life skills training
  • Parenting, wellness and nutrition classes

We also welcome single mothers who live in the community and who do not need residential services. We invite you to check out our services; there might be aspects of the program that fit your needs. “Graduates” of the Single Parent Family Program may rely on support from Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ Child and Family Program. Please help us give more struggling mothers a chance to raise their children in a safe, nurturing environment where they can all succeed.

PCHAS Single Parent Family Program – Waxahachie
300 Brookside Road Waxahachie, TX 75167
Phone: 972.937.1319
Email:  or

PCHAS Single Parent Family Program – Houston
5020 West Bellfort Houston, TX 77035
Phone: 713.723.3976

PCHAS Single Parent Family Program – San Antonio
6355 Whitby Road, San Antonio, Tx 78240
Phone: 210.422.1841