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Every child who comes into the care of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services has a unique story.

Some have parents who have died; others have been abandoned, neglected, and abused. Some children’s parents are incarcerated, homeless, disabled or mentally ill. Others have parents with alcohol or chemical dependencies.  Some children are being raised by grandparents who lack the physical or financial resources to care for them. Other children come to us from failed adoptive or foster home placements.

PCHAS offers a variety of family services.

Listening carefully, PCHAS works to build on each child’s strengths, helping them whenever possible to develop healthy relationships with their families.

Children and Youth PCHAS Can Serve

  • Children who are able to function in a local public school setting. Children with special education needs can be served if special education services are available in a public school.
  • Children with mild to moderate emotional disturbances
  • Sibling groups

For more information, contact our Clinical Services team at 800.277.4352 or email

Child and Family Program (In-Home Family Preservation)
Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services Child and Family Program works to preserve families during and after times of crisis.  Learn more about this in-home program.

Single Parent Family Program
Single parents sometimes need help getting on their feet while caring for their children. Our Single Parent Family Program offers residential care and services to assist single mothers and their children.  This program focuses on discovering each mother’s strengths as they learn how to move from dependency to sustainable independence.  Learn more about this program.

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