Group Home Supervisor

Location: Itasca

Position Summary:

The Group Home Supervisor will provide support to Home Parents through supervision, observation, feedback, and in-home assistance as HPs provide direct care to youth and their families.  The Group Home Supervisor is responsible for leadership of a team in service planning for the highest quality of service delivery to youth and their families.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. GHS will ensure quality service planning through leadership of the Family Team Meetings (FTMs), adhering to PCHAS policy standards for completion of each Plan of Service (POS). GHS will lead and conduct the meeting. If needed, the GHS will assign the Assistant Group Home Supervisor to be responsible for writing the POS and editing the POS until approved by the GHS.
  2. GHS will coordinate the Orientation Schedule for new Home Parents (HPs) with the PCHAS Training Coordinator and plan the 40 hours of Observation for new Home Parents. The GHS will ensure that this plan is completed. This plan will be submitted to the Program Director.
  3. GHS will coordinate communication and contacts with family members.
  4. During the 1st year of employment at PCHAS for a GHS and/or HP couple, the GHS and HPs will collaborate with the Organizational Impact Team to learn and follow the Enhanced Supervision Plan including supervision, in-home observation, and feedback.
  5. Group Home Supervisor (GHS) will provide input to Intake Specialist regarding placement of new residents.
  6. GHS will maintain HP Schedule to ensure coverage of the homes, approve leave and per diem requests.
  7. GHS will teach HPs to lead family meetings once a week to bring unity, organization of schedule, and healing in the home for areas of conflict, teaching nurture and life-value skills.
  8. GHS will attend and engage in Monday staff meetings to discuss youth, family, education and other needs presented by the child and the child’s family.
  9. On Mondays assigned for Team Time, GHS will lead their teams of GHPs and AGHS together in some of the supervision functions best addressed with all of the HP team present.
  10. GHS will meet PCHAS policy and procedures, which includes Council on Accreditation (COA) standards, DFPS/ OCOK contract standards, and minimum standards in all areas of child care services.
  11. GHS will collaborate with the Clinical Coordinator to refer youth to obtain a psychological, as needed, and/or for youth therapy services to address youth’s goals.
  12. GHS will collaborate with HPs, Education staff, or other staff to recommend a Critical Response Staffing (CRS) for youth who are (a) struggling in any area including meeting goals, maintaining a connected relationship with family, HPs, peers, challenged with academic expectations, mental health, and/or (b) who are at risk of placement disruption.
  13. GHS will demonstrate effective collaboration with Child and Family, Single Parent Family Program, Transitional Living, Education, Advanced Education, Foster Care and Adoption, DFPS-CPS caseworker, and other community partners.
  14. GHS will attend CPS court hearings only as deemed necessary and approved by the Program Director.
  15. GHS will participate in PQI meetings as assigned.
  16. GHS will meet with AGHS and/or Program Director for weekly supervision.
  17. Perform other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:

  1. GHS will maintain an office with computer and other equipment necessary to complete tasks.
  2. Hours of work vary according to the needs of the youth, HP, and the home. GHS will work at least two evenings a week or weekends, and extended hours as needed to address the needs of the youth, families, and PCHAS staff.
  3. Work environment is high energy, high stress including the possibility of verbal and or physical aggression from youth in care.
  4. Moderate risk of exposure to infectious diseases.
  5. Provide on call support to Home Parents.
  6. Some travel may be required.
  7. Must be able to see, hear, and respond to youth and or staff in a variety of settings.

Job Requirements:

A Master’s degree in a human service field from an accredited college or university and 1 year of paid experience working with children and families at risk is preferred. A Bachelor’s degree in a human services field from an accredited college or university plus 3 years of experience required.

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Able to prioritize and be accountable for timelines and due dates
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  3. Able to operate a computer utilizing Word, Excel, Outlook and program specific programs.
  4. Must be able to lead, inspire, supervise, and evaluate a team or professionals.
  5. Understanding of family dynamics and methods for engaging those families in helping relationship.