Case Manager- Foster Care/Adoption Program

Location: Duncanville

The Foster Care/Adoption Case Manager is responsible for providing guidance, training, and assistance to foster/adoptive parents in the delivery of their responsibilities in caring for the children placed in their homes by the agency. The Case Manager is responsible for assessment and coordination of services to each individual child, support and education for the foster/adoptive parents in their role as caregivers and treatment providers, and availability to coordinate services with the child’s biological family if appropriate. The services and service delivery to children and families by the case manager must meet standards set by PCHAS foster care policies and procedures, contract requirements of TDFPS, and the TDFPS Minimum Standards for Child Placing Agencies.  The case manager is supervised by the Sr. Case Manager and Case Management Supervisor.

Core Responsibilities:

    1. Provides case management services for all assigned clients working with all other team members for guidance and assistance.       Maintains average caseload of 15-16 clients. This number may vary depending on specific need of foster/adoptive children, foster families, and/or program need.
    2. Conducts face to face contact with each foster/adoptive child at least one time per month
    3. Maintains a working relationship with the foster/adoptive parents, teachers, therapists, CPS caseworkers, birth family, and significant others in order to implement successful treatment for each client.
    4. Maintains accurate documentation of client’s records. Audits case records to meet Minimum Standards and PCHAS policies and procedures.
    5. Facilitates the development and ensures the implementation of service plans for each child and family on assigned caseload.
    6. Supervises foster/adoptive parents and their record keeping and documentation.
    7. Provides overall support including consultation, individual training (TBRI® and other behavior interventions), self-care monitoring, information sharing, and relationship building support for each family on the case manager’s caseload.
    8. Monitors each foster home quarterly for compliance with minimum standards and PCHAS policies and procedures. Provides documentation and corrective action planning in the case of noncompliance.
    9. Conducts Family Assessments or updates for prospective or verified families as assigned with written study presented for review within ten working days of last interview.
    10. Participates in on-call intake rotation and manages placement requests, as assigned.
    11. Must be able to work extended hours (may include weekends) when necessary to meet needs of children, families, and/or program need.
    12. Performs other duties as assigned.




Working Conditions:

The Foster Care/Adoption Case Manager performs duties with the office central to performance and home visitation on a regular basis.  This is a professional position requiring commitment to whatever hours are needed to complete the work.  Court appearances and meetings at TDFPS are often required.  This must be balanced with punctuality and office coverage.  Team coordination is vital to maintain a professional atmosphere.

Each case manager will be provided a computer and cell phone or cell phone reimbursement in order to perform their work. Computer stations and office equipment are provided.   The case manager will need to have the ability to work in a high energy environment both at the office and in the foster care environment and may include weekends and evenings regularly.  Extensive daytime, evening, and some overnight travel may be required for conducting home visits, providing support to children and families and other activities. On call hours are routine.  There is moderate risk of exposure to infectious disease, and physical or verbal aggression from children or foster/adoptive parents may be occasionally present during the course of work.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience:

A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related field required and a master’s degree preferred. Some experience working with children and families is preferred.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Understanding of strength focused work with individuals and families and other strategies as outlined in the PCHAS Way policy and procedures.
  • Knowledge, experience and skills in managing people, education and interpersonal relationships.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Understanding and commitment to high ethical standards.
  • Ability to provide leadership, encourage leadership growth in others, but also function as a team member.
  • Abilities in areas of self-motivation and organization.
  • Ability to encourage others and demonstrate compassion in all areas.
  • Ability to meet project deadlines or goals.