Adoption Specialist

Location:  Austin

Position Summary:

The Adoption Specialist is responsible for counseling and support of Maternity and Infant Adoption clients. Job responsibilities also include working with prospective adoptive families, counseling and support to birthparent clients, the completion of adoptive family assessments, and the direct supervision and counseling to families with children in their homes.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Take birthparent intake phone calls

  • Meet with birthparent clients in a timely manner and obtain necessary paperwork

  • Provide maternity clients with counseling and information on Open Adoption

  • Insure that birthparent’s needs are being met (includes counseling, medical, housing, food, clothing)

  • Facilitate adoption planning with the birthparent and the adoptive parents

  • Support the birth parent during labor and delivery in whatever capacity is needed

  • Attend to birthparent’s post adoption needs

  • Establish contact with potential birthfathers

  • Testify in court for termination and adoption hearings

  • Locate opportunities for networking (hospitals, pregnancy centers, schools, etc.) and provide paperwork and training (25 contacts quarterly or 100 annually)

  • Organize Adoptive Parent’s paperwork and file

  • Conduct family assessments and updates as needed

  • Facilitate waiting families support group

  • Facilitate match meetings with families and contact with birthparents

  • Facilitate signing of adoption paperwork when the Adoption Program Director is not available

  • Supervise adoptive families after placement and complete the required paperwork for adoption consummation

  • Facilitate adoptive parent contact with birth family when mediation is necessary

  • Other duties as assigned by the Program Director


Working Conditions:

  • This job takes place in a typical office setting the majority of the time with the provision of a private office.

  • The other time is spent attending court hearings, various meetings and making home visits to clients.

  • Travel is mainly by driving and can take place in or out-of-town.

  • A computer, printer/ copier, and fax machine are the main types of equipment used.

  • Some after hours and weekend work is required.  On-call to both clients and supervisees is required.

  • Able to maintain a calm and professional demeanor under pressure and crisis conditions. Working conditions may be high energy, high stress.


Job Requirements:

LMSW or Master’s degree in a related field with some experience in child-placing is desired.



  • Understanding of PCHAS philosophy of care as expressed in the PCHAS Way

  • Excellent interpersonal and counseling skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Able to function as a team member.

  • Knowledge of accepted therapeutic skills and practices with demonstrated ability to implement and practice those skills.

  • Physically able to supervise and interact with children and adults.

  • Must be well organized, self-motivating, and able to prioritize and be accountable for time lines.

  • Good computer skills required.



Must have valid Texas Driver’s license, proof of insurance for the vehicle used in work related travel, and have a dependable vehicle.