Administrative Assistant (Part-time)

Location: Austin

Provides support and assistance for the Foster Care and Adoption through such duties as office management, clerical, records, project management, supportive resource for foster/ adoptive parents and program staff, and hosting responsibilities.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Staff Support: Provides clerical support to Director and staff, including generating letters, memos, brochures, flyers, reports, newsletters, etc. Provides back up for staff in retrieving documentation from files, copying, faxing, and mailing. Makes phone calls on behalf of staff as needed in the process of task completion and other program operational requirements. Interfaces with other Departments and Programs on a regular basis in completion of tasks and meeting operational requirements. Provides general support, information, and coordinates requests with all foster / adopt parents. Provides, as directed, varying levels of involvement, responsibility, and management of frequent and ongoing projects. Visits satellite offices as needed for administrative help.
  2.  Office Management: responsible for facilitates maintenance requests, works as a liaison with PCHAS computer support for all concerns with computers if not able to resolve internally, arranges maintenance for copier, contacts service providers for resolution of office phone issues. Transcribes weekly minutes for staff meetings.   Works in cooperation with Human Resources to gather information from Foster Care and Adoption personnel when requested. Assists in planning for annual audit by keeping file of PCHAS liability insurance records and PCHAS Annual Financial Statement, updates OSHA bulletins, as well as other administrative tasks for audit preparations.
  3. Management of Records: Generates monthly” population report. Inputs all information on youth and assists the Home Development department in data input for foster homes as needed. Responsible to send all training logs for staff and foster / adoptive parents to accounting department annually. Scans Incident Reports to Managing Conservators. Produces semi-annual report of discharged clients, as well as maintains discharged client files. Manages archives of youth files and foster home records. Assists with auditing youth files and foster /adoptive home files (including files in branch offices).
  4.  Accounting: creates per diem for foster and adoptive parents twice monthly, provides monthly payment report (EFT) to foster and adoptive parents when requested, processes reimbursements for respite providers, produces reports for Director as needed, collects staff credit card statements and mileage logs to turn in to accounting for processing.
  5.  Database Management: helps maintain OneDrive folders pertaining to foster care / adoption, manages all data requirements and arranges information gathering.
  6.  Phones/Reception: Takes all general phone calls for the foster care / adoption program and handles all requests or forwards to appropriate personnel.   Takes messages. Welcomes foster care / adoption guests as needed.
  7.  Miscellaneous: Monitors and handles the ordering of office supplies. Handles annual client Christmas Gift list distribution and tracking for completion. Perform other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:

Position is performed in a typical office setting. Utilizes typical office equipment. Occasional local travel using employee’s own vehicle. Schedule is typical office hours with occasional evening and/or weekend hours. Position is subject to mild/moderate stress.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience

    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Must have valid Texas driver’s license and good driving record.
    • High School education or GED equivalent.
    • At least 2 years previous experience in a job performing related tasks.


    • Must be highly organized, self-starter, able to prioritize tasks and manage competing demands, able to work effectively with minimal supervision, ability to work as a member of a professional team.
    • Must have excellent interpersonal and telephone skills.
    • Must have excellent skills related to use of computer and Microsoft Office software; good typing skills (60 \VPM or above), and able to effectively use other office equipment (e.g. copier, laminator, printers)