Image of graduation representing Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services of Texas and Louisiana Presbyterian education programsWhen a child lives in a dysfunctional situation, his or her education is often among the first casualties. And continually failing or struggling does damage to an already wounded child. Many of the children we serve have fallen behind in school and are fighting to catch up. So Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services does everything in its power to help children succeed academically.

Education provides a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and—for many of the families we serve—a road out of poverty. Our team of dedicated PCHAS staff members and tutors have formed an “intentional community of learning.” The education team – both paid staff and volunteers – spend countless hours supporting, mentoring and advocating for the children in our care. At PCHAS, we are dedicated to maximizing each child’s academic and vocational potential.

Presbyterian Education Programs:

Education in Group Homes

We help every child in our Group Homes develop individual academic/life plans that include educational goals. We offer on-campus tutoring and our education team also advocates on behalf of children who need extra help. The staff works with teachers and others in the public school system to make sure our children get the attention they need and deserve.

Our children attend schools that are approved or accredited by the Texas Education Agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and/or the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission. These schools also provide services for children who need special education assistance.

Education in Child and Family Programs and Foster Care Programs

All families in our Child and Family and Foster Care programs have access to PCHAS education staff for consultation and educational advocacy. Our education team trains foster parents and Child and Family staff about ways to emphasize education with kids in our care and how to work with schools to help students succeed.

Education for Children Age 18 and Older

As children reach 18 years of age, they “age out” of our residential care, but they know we will always be there for them. They know that they can depend on PCHAS’s help long after they leave our Group Homes. As children graduate from high school, the PCHAS education team helps them define their educational objectives and choose the university, college or technical school that best fits their needs. We even help them submit applications to educational institutions, apply for financial grants and secure housing. Many of the children in our care qualify for grants and scholarships on their own, but PCHAS’ fully endowed scholarship fund provides funding for tuition, room and board, books and other expenses for its group home graduates. (Foster children receive state funds). Each group home student participant must maintain eligibility in the program by earning a grade of C or better.

Education Services for Former Residents

Coalition for Residential Education

PCHAS is a member of the Coalition for Residential Education (CORE), the national group of nonprofit organizations that serve economically and socially disadvantaged children through residential education.