Foster Care Licensing Process

The time period to become a licensed foster/adoptive parent can vary between three to six months depending on several factors such as: completion of all required documentation and trainings along with a commitment to the process.

Steps in the Process:

  1. Fill out the online inquiry form and once received PCHAS (Presbyterian Children’s Homes & Services) staff will contact you for further information.
  2. The second step is to complete the application. Once you have completely filled out the application, please submit to PCHAS Home Development Staff.
  3. Once the application is reviewed, PCHAS will contact you to begin the process of additional paperwork and background checks/FBI fingerprinting. PCHAS will also schedule a home visit at this time.
  4. RSVP and attend ALL required trainings. Please see our training calendar.
  5. Complete and turn in ALL required documentation provided by PCHAS.
  6. Once all required documentation is completed and received by PCHAS, participate in the home study process.
  7. Once your file is complete and your home study approved, your home will be licensed to accept children.