Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes PCHAS different?
PCHAS provides Christ-Centered care and support to children and families in need. We provide competitive rates, excellent training, and seasoned staff consisting of licensed professionals that are on-call 24 hours to provide support services.

How does a child or family become involved with Child Protective Services (CPS)?
First, a report is made through the CPS hotline (1-800-252-5400) about suspected abuse or neglect of a child(ren). CPS investigates the report and depending upon the outcome of the report, a child(ren) can be removed from their home/caregivers. If no relative placement is available at that time, foster care becomes the next option for the child(ren).

What are the children like and how can I handle the trauma and abuse they may have suffered?
The children in foster care have been exposed to trauma and disruption in their biological home which can have many effects on a child. Some children may have developmental delays, behavioral problems and emotional disturbances. PCHAS spends many hours training and equipping you to handle the effects of trauma and abuse. You will also be a part of a treatment team that consists of many professionals to help you along the way.

Can I specify the kind of children that we/I foster/adopt?
PCHAS wants to recognize your preferences of what you feel comfortable with so we can place children with you who will best fit your family. The children come from all over Texas and are between the ages of 0-17. There is a particular need for families open to children with special needs, sibling groups and teenagers.

Is it possible to adopt?
Yes. Our Foster-to-Adopt program is popular with many PCHAS clients. Many of our families end up adopting children who have been in their homes for the purpose of fostering. PCHAS can help you apply for a license that covers both foster care and adoption. There are many children in Texas who are ready for adoption.

Download a PDF of our Foster/Adoptive Parent Benefits