Group Homes

How do you create a home for children from different families who have endured abuse and neglect? That’s a question Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services has been focused on for a hundred years. And we never stop learning. PCHAS has Group Homes that are designed to be places of healing and comfort for the children we serve. Caring, trained, group Home Parents provide food, love and structure, and support the children in their studies, extracurricular activities and working through daily issues.

Texas Group Homes for Children

We provide counseling for the children, most of whom have been deeply wounded either physically, emotionally or both. We help children accept and deal with the very real limitations of their sometimes dysfunctional families and find a healthy way to relate to them.

We believe in working with the children’s strengths and building their futures, not focusing all our energy on the past. We support each child in creating a unique academic/life plan, often in conjunction with their families. If that plan includes playing basketball or getting a part-time job, we make sure the children can achieve those goals.

We believe that education is the key to future success. Many of the children in our homes have not been able to keep up with their studies because of the trauma in the lives. We provide a lot of support to help them catch up and succeed.

We involve the children in Bible Studies and church, to share with them that there’s a loving God who is always there.

Our group homes each serve 7 children between the ages of five and 17 in Itasca.