The Joy of Giving: Kids “Shop” for Presents for their Parents at PCHAS Christmas Party

Every child looks forward to getting presents for Christmas.  What you may not realize is that most wish they also had the opportunity to give presents – especially to their parents. Knowing this, Child and Family Specialist Josh Smith and Single Parent Family and Transitional Living Program Coordinator Mari Molina set aside an area at (Read More…)

Ruth’s Story

We first met Ruth when she was at her wit’s end. Having raised her two boys into adulthood, she thought changing diapers, mixing formula and packing school luncheons were things of the past.  Then one day she learned that her eldest son and his wife could no longer care for their three children. At sixty-five (Read More…)

Meet Lauren

“I am a single mother who works hard to manage my depression and anxiety so that I can provide my children with the best life possible.  Recently, out of commitment to my healing and to the well-being of my children, I ended a relationship with my daughter’s father, who was abusive and violent. His abusive (Read More…)

Child and Family – Meet Ben and Amy

While many of the children are referred to PCHAS Group Homes by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, private placements are still a priority, and make up the majority of the children in our Group Homes. Here’s a story about a girl placed into our care by her grandfather. A grandfather, Ben was raising (Read More…)

Campus in Houston Now Houses Five Families as a Part of the PCHAS Single Parent Family Program

In October of 2014, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services opened a Single Parent Family Program campus in Houston. Designed as a small community that offers single parent families a safe place to live, the program also offers counseling and other services designed to get them back on their feet. Currently, there are five families living (Read More…)

Help Children Make Good Choices: Parenting Tips from PCHAS’ Scott Waller

PCHAS will be hosting its first ever Parenting Education Seminar on Sept. 20th! Six prominent PCHAS specialists will discuss topics ranging from foster care to practical parenting tips. We asked keynote speaker Scott Waller to give us a sneak peak of what he will be talking about on the big day, see what he had (Read More…)

Meet Haley: PCHAS’ Newest Child and Family Specialist

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is excited to introduce our newest Child and Family Specialist Haley Young. Haley joined the PCHAS team this month, and is excited to have the opportunity to help children and families in Kilgore, Texas. When she learned from a family friend about a job opening with PCHAS, she was thrilled. (Read More…)

Houston Single Parent Family Program Construction Update

By Rev. Peter D. Crouch PCHAS Vice President for Development It’s an exciting time at the site of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ Single Parent Family program on the campus of St John’s Presbyterian Church in Houston!  Construction is moving right along and each day we get closer to our goal: giving struggling mothers a chance (Read More…)

Poverty Can Have a Profound Impact on the Brain

An October 28, 2013 blog post by Emily Badger published in explores ways that poverty taxes the brain. Badger says research shows that poverty shapes people in some surprising ways. “Poverty sucks up so much mental bandwidth – capacity spent wrestling with scarce resources, for example – that the poor have fewer cognitive resources (Read More…)

Here’s an Idea for Your Church’s Giving Tree: Collect Gifts Designed to Encourage Family Interaction

PCHAS Child and Family Specialists in Corpus Christi have come up with a unique gift-giving program, one designed to encourage interaction between children and their parents. The program, designed by PCHAS Child and Family Specialists Carla Daniels and Courtney Alvarez in Corpus Christi, and operated as a partnership between two Corpus Christi churches, promotes gifts that (Read More…)