Carissa’s Adoption Story

No one ever said life was easy. Well, that might be true, but with God by our side, our journey, to date, through the adoption process has turned out pretty perfect for our family. Before we married, my husband, Thomas, and I knew we wanted to adopt at least one child through Presbyterian Children’s Homes (Read More…)

PCHAS Reaches Milestone: 100 Adoptions

Presbyterian Children’s Homes  and Services (PCHAS) reached the milestone of more than 100 adoptions through its Adoption program. “PCHAS has secured a permanent place for these children to call home and finish growing up,” said Celeste Ross, associate vice president for adoption services.  “Even after these children enter adulthood they will have a family to (Read More…)

Foster / Adoptive Parent, Paula Boyd, Shares Her Story

I originally came in contact with PCHAS because I heard about becoming a foster/adoptive parent to assist with adopting a DFPS kinship placement in my home. I met with PCHAS, decided to go through their process, and became a licensed foster/adoptive parent with the agency. I was able to finalize the adoption of my daughter (Read More…)

A Future With My Mother

When Esperanza came to Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, she was scared, embarrassed, alone, and pregnant. Together with Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services staff, and with the birth father’s input, she decided to make an adoption plan for her child. She took special care to choose the right family for her daughter, Angelica, and exchanged (Read More…)