PCHAS Launches Foster Care Program in Austin

PCHAS will open a Foster Care Program in Austin this spring.  The program will meet the critical needs of children who need a loving foster family. When we are operating at full capacity, we will be serving 45 boys and girls each year in the Austin area. With more than 110 years of experience providing services for (Read More…)

Houston’s Pines Presbyterian Youth Group Reaches out to Children in Our Group Homes

Ambassadors and churches support Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services because they want to make a difference in the lives of children and families who have not had the same advantages as they have had. Here’s one story of one church’s commitment to the children in PCHAS’ care: through its Benevolence Fund, Houston’s Pines Presbyterian Church (Read More…)

Here Are Some Ideas about Ways Your Church can Support PCHAS’ Mission

Collection drives seem to appeal to many churches who want to help a ministry.  At this time of the year, school supply drives are helpful to us.  But there are many other support items that our children and families will appreciate. They include: Gift cards (example: Walmart, Target, restaurants, etc.) of different denominations Books, especially (Read More…)