Capital Gifts

2015 Capital Gift Opportunities

Please contact the PCHAS development office at 1.800.888.1904 to discuss funding one or more of the following projects. These are great projects for families, family foundation, churches, and service organizations.
These are eligible for immediate designated gifts (first come, first serve basis):

AustinPurchase copier for Central Office (current copier at life expectancy)$8,5001
ItascaInstall alarm system for group homes (Includes system and 1 year monitoring)$5,6001
ItascaPool cleaner (robotic pool cleaner)$5,0002
ItascaInstall vinyl flooring in Davis Group Home (current flooring at life expectancy)$12,0002
San AntonioPurchase copier for Admin Office
(current copier at life expectancy)
$7,500 1
San AntonioConvert 16x20 shed into Maint. Office (work are for SA/Austin/Houston Maint.)$3,000 1
San AntonioPurchase six foot enclosed trailer (Used to move furniture and equipment)$3,2001
San AntonioReplace Air Conditioning in SPF House (current system at life expectancy)$4,500 2
WaxahachiePurchase copier for Organ. Impact Office (new department)$8,500 1
WaxahachieInstall laminate flooring in group homes (Units 101, 103, 105, 107)$60,0002
Weatherford Paint and repairs to interior and exterior (showing wear and wood rot on eaves)$4,5001

The Need Is Urgent, The Time To Help Is Now

The need is urgent and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and families in need is before us; so join us today! To support our Christ-centered ministries that serve over 4,100 children and families each year, please contact our development office at 800.888.1904.