Linda’s Story

Linda, homeless and escaping an abusive relationship, arrived on foot at a PCHAS Single Parent Family Program residence with her six-year-old daughter, Mandy, in tow. Linda and Mandy had fled her home after Linda’s husband threatened her life and tore up most of the furniture in an all-night rampage. When he finally fell asleep, she snuck out of the house and walked to an emergency shelter, where she and Mandy stayed for a month. The shelter staff recommended a PCHAS Single Parent Family residence.

Linda and Mandy arrived exhausted and very frightened. They had no belongings and no support system. It is no surprise that Linda had lost touch with friends and family. Isolating a person from social contact with friends and family is one of the many tools used by abusers.

But, focused and determined, Linda keeps a running list of things that need to be accomplished, and diligently attacks that list every day. At the top of the list is being a role model for Mandy and building a support system. She has formed a strong bond with a counselor she sees regularly, and has formed friendships with the other women who live in the Single Parent Family residence.

Most important to Linda is her relationship with Sharon, the manager of the Single Parent Family Program in Weatherford. No matter what, Sharon provides unconditional love and support, and she is Linda’s most enthusiastic cheerleader. Today, just six months after they arrived beaten down and shell-shocked, Linda and Mandy are optimistic about the future. Linda has a full-time job that she enjoys, and has signed a lease on an apartment!

Single Parent Family Graphic

What is the Single Parent Family Program?

This program provides a much-needed safety net for struggling single mothers and their children, many of whom are facing homelessness due to poverty, abandonment, and other crises. In addition to housing, the program offers financial and emotional support, family therapy, and other services that promote self-sufficiency.

We operate Single Parent Family residences in Houston, San Antonio, Waxahachie and Weatherford.