Loren’s Story

PCHAS met Loren when he was a sophomore in college.  Instead of playing basketball and video games with his friends when he wasn’t studying for his classes, Loren was raising two sisters and two brothers!  Carrie, Monica, John and Adam occupied all of his free time.  This young adult and his four siblings were orphaned when their parents were killed in a car accident.  Their biggest goal from that day on was not to be separated from each other.

Ultimately, Loren felt overwhelmed with the responsibility he had undertaken and reached out to PCHAS for help.  PCHAS acknowledged that he had been an excellent “parent” to his younger brothers and sisters but that he did in fact need help.  PCHAS took the four younger children into its care and raised them in its Group Home program.

Loren was able to visit often while he finished college and got married.  And, you guessed it, he bought a home large enough for his wife and his four siblings to all live together.  Group Homes Graphic

What is the Group Home Program?

We operate two Group Home campuses, one in Itasca and one in Waxahachie, with total capacity of 48 children at any given time. The children are ages 5-18 and have experienced some type of trauma, such as death in the family, divorce of parents, neglect, abandonment, or abuse.

The campuses serve children who have been privately placed and those placed by Child Protective Services (CPS). On average, children stay 12-24 months, though some may stay shorter or longer depending upon their needs.