Houston Marathon: Running in Support of PCHAS Children and Families


Becca Thompson, director of accounting for Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) says she’s not a runner. But last year, Becca decided to stand with PCHAS children and families by running in the Aramco Houston Half Marathon on their behalf. “Running the half marathon seemed like a good challenge, and a good way to let people know about PCHAS, too,” she said.

Becca began gathering a network of supporters to sponsor her participation in the annual event, asked a friend to run alongside her in the race and began training. But a few months into her training regimen, Becca “ran into a few hick-ups,” she recalls.

“My mom relapsed with cancer, so I went to help her for a while. I thought ‘there’s no way I’m going to be able to run this race.’”

Her mother’s illness was just one of many challenges in Becca’s life at that time, but a support system of friends, coworkers and family members, including her mother, rallied around her. Experiencing this support from so many loved ones reminded Becca of the reason she decided to run the half marathon to begin with.

“I had so much support behind me that enabled me to get through my life at that point, and I thought about how many of the children and families in our care don’t have that kind of support. This served as extra motivation for me to continue training and run the race,” she said.

“I’m able to succeed in life because I have this great support network behind me. If I didn’t have it, life would be much more difficult for me. That’s what we do at PCHAS: we provide a support network for our clients and help them cope with the many challenges they face. I have been so blessed in my life, and I wanted to help bless other people with the kind of support that I’ve received,” she said.

Becca hopes that she can encourage others, like herself, who wouldn’t describe themselves as runners, to consider running in one of the Houston Marathon races as a way to raise funds for, and raise awareness of, PCHAS and its clients.

“Running in the marathon is a great way to raise awareness about PCHAS. When you ask people to sponsor you, you are able to reach people who hadn’t heard much about PCHAS and the life-changing work that we do. There are a lot of kids and families who are struggling,” she said. “They need people to be aware of what they’re going through and how PCHAS helps them.”

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Photo Credit to Elizabeth Kreutz at kreutzphotography.com