PCHAS Expands Adoption Services!

New locations increase reach and ability to assist birth mothers and adoptive families across the state.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) is expanding its adoption services to new locations in Texas including Austin, Dallas and Wichita Falls, areas it hasn’t served in decades.

Until now, PCHAS’ Houston office coordinated PCHAS adoption services. The expansion coincides with the launch of an educational awareness campaign focused on birth mothers.

“We will continue to serve those in need across the state as we increase awareness of PCHAS’ adoption services,” says PCHAS president Ed Knight. “We will pay special attention to birth mothers because we want those going through a very emotional time to know there is somewhere they can turn for support and guidance.”

The expansion paves the way for the “Silent No More – #BirthMomStrong” campaign, which aims to give strength and voice back to birth mothers across the state by telling the story of the birth mother and by educating the public on the adoption process.

PCHAS leads the charge to give strength and support to a birth mother’s most difficult decision: placing her child with a loving family.

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The agency encourages birth mothers to tell their story through in-person support groups, speaking opportunities and online conversations. PCHAS gives birth mothers an avenue for their stories and voices to be heard rather than being silenced.

“I am very pleased that PCHAS is focusing its efforts on adoption services across the state,” says Celeste Ross, associate vice president for PCHAS Adoption Services. “At a time when non-agency adoptions are on the rise and birth moms are left without rights or due legal process, it is critical that they know they have an agency they can trust.”

By offering additional adoption services in Austin, Dallas and Wichita Falls, PCHAS will focus its efforts on a larger population of birth parents and adoptive families. This year, PCHAS hired additional, experienced adoption specialists and program directors to implement the expansion of its adoption services.

PCHAS’ adoption program offers services such as counseling, guidance, adoption, help with proper legal process and education of all of the options available to birth parents and their adoptive families.

More information:

Learn more about the support PCHAS offers to birth parents on our website:  adoption.pchas.org/how-we-can-help

PCHAS serves maternity clients, birth parents and adoptive parents across the entire state of Texas.For questions related to PCHAS’ expansion in Texas or to refer someone to our adoption services, please visit us at adoption.pchas.org or email us at adoption@pchas.org.