Joe and Melinda’s Story

When Joe and Melinda received a call from a PCHAS Adoption Specialist that the birth parents of a newborn baby girl had chosen them to be the adoptive parents of their baby, they were elated. Joe and Melinda felt like they were on a very important audition and they were – a parenting audition for baby April. But a PCHAS Adoption Specialist, Susie, held their hands every step of the way.

Joe and Melinda shared, “April’s birth parents put us at ease when they told us that they were very nervous, too, but that nervousness went away when they saw us. I will never forget the birth father’s eyes filling up with tears as he made us promise that we would always tell April how much they loved her. After only a few hours, April’s birth parents put her in our arms and two days later we became parents!

April has brought so much love and excitement into our home. Now 10 years old, she’s a confident and determined straight-A student.  We can’t think of any better way to describe April than the words of Dr. Suess: ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’

We are so thankful that donors and friends continue to support PCHAS so that PCHAS can continue to guide families such as ours. We will be forever grateful for the help we received. We feel that we were made whole by the love of our child.”

Adoption Graphic

What is the Adoption Program?

Our adoption services provide training and support for couples seeking to adopt children and information and support to women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering making an adoption plan for their child. Adoptive families are guided through the home study and legal process and receive support and training before a child is placed in their home.

We also provide search and reunion services for adult adoptees and their birth mothers. Our Adoption Program offices are located in Austin, Corsicana, Dallas, Houston, Waxahachie and Wichita Falls.