Why We Give – Les and Brenda Staples

Les Brenda Staples_Web Crop
How did you/your church learn about PCHAS?

We learned about PCHAS at First Presbyterian Church in Ft. Worth’s “Presbypalooza” event.


How long have you/your church been serving this ministry and in what capacities (volunteer,projects, monetary donations, etc.?

Since we learned about PCHAS, we have been supporting the agency with monetary donations.


What makes you/your church passionate about this organization?

We think PCHAS and those who support it are fulfilling Christ’s commission to love one another. It is a “pay it forward” opportunity in gratitude of God first loving us. PCHAS provides children and families in need loving assistance to equip themselves to be happy, self-sufficient members of God’s world.


Of other charities/organizations that you/your church is associated with, is there anything about Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services that sets it apart or holds a special place in your heart?

We feel PCHAS provides an excellent service to children and families. PCHAS is staffed with caring individuals and has well-thought-out, effective programs which meet the needs of children with a very efficient use of funds. PCHAS is an investment in the future of children.