David’s and Jamie’s Story

When David was 12 years old, he and his eight-year-old sister, Jamie, were removed from their home by Child Protective Services and placed in a temporary shelter. Wise beyond their years, David and Jamie knew deep-down that the shelter was a safer place to live than with their parents, who were dealing drugs out of their home. They stayed at the shelter three long months before they were moved to a PCHAS Group Home.

It took a while for them to adjust to life at PCHAS, but their Home Parents were loving and supportive, and eventually they began to feel at home. But it was difficult for David and Jamie to concentrate at school, and they fell behind their peers. Their Home Parents worked with the PCHAS education team to arrange tutoring for David and Jamie.  Soon Jamie and David were working with PCHAS tutors four days a week, every week, after school.

After three years of intense tutoring and a lot of hard work, David and Jamie’s grades have improved a great deal. Jamie still struggles in some subjects, especially math, but David is a gifted mathematician, and is on the honor roll.

David’s life was a living nightmare before he came to PCHAS, but with years of practice, he’s become good at blocking out scary thoughts. He focuses instead on things he hopes to be doing in the future – such as becoming an engineer.

He is a hard worker and well known on the PCHAS campus for his dedication to academics and friendships.  His teachers, his PCHAS tutors and his Home Parents are very proud of him. And Jamie is especially proud of her big brother. She, more than anyone, knows how far he has come.

Education Graphic

What is the Education Program?

Our team of dedicated PCHAS staff members and tutors has formed an intentional community of learning. The education team – both paid staff and volunteers – offers consistent and skilled support by mentoring, tutoring, and advocating for the children in our care.

We are dedicated to maximizing each child’s academic and vocational potential and provide Advanced Education and Support Services to help our Group Home clients when they graduate from high school.