Why I Volunteer – Lynn Parsons

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How did you hear about PCHAS and how did you get involved?

I first heard about PCHAS through a mailing I received. I remember being struck by PCHAS, an organization that acts as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. I hoped that I could contribute to PCHAS in some way in the future. After I joined St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Houston, I learned of the church’s plans to partner with PCHAS to build homes for single moms and their children on our campus. The program is called the Single Parent Family Program. With great sacrifice and much prayer, the leadership of our church and our Presbytery worked to make this partnership a reality. I was thrilled! Our congregation was, and continues to be, disciplined in prayer for the success of this ministry on our campus.

When the homes were nearly finished, PCHAS sent a volunteer coordinator to our campus to train those in our congregation who would be willing to volunteer. I immediately accepted the invitation and attended the volunteer training. My first opportunity to volunteer was to provide child care when the single mothers who lived on the Single Parent Program campus were attending evening classes offered by PCHAS. The children were very responsive to our team of volunteers and the moms were very appreciative of the care we provided to their little ones.

Now I am facilitating a Bible study with the moms. The interaction and sharing of our hearts has been an extraordinary experience for us, and especially for me. Each of these opportunities has blessed me in so many ways.


What makes you passionate about PCHAS?

I am most passionate about the concept – healing people through acts of kindness and love. This is the mission of PCHAS and St. John’s. We believe that God has called us to be Disciples of Christ and to meet human needs. Providing people with a chance to recognize who they really are in the eyes of our Lord and to equip them with the tools to create an emotionally-healthy life is what our church is about. I want to be a part of that mission and a part of PCHAS. What greater calling can God provide us than for each of us to become all that God desires us to be? PCHAS extends that kind of love and support to the single moms and their children and I am humbled to be a small part of it.


What do you enjoy most about working with the Single Parent Family Program?

I love the desire of the single moms to embrace new skills and belief systems that will empower them so that they can realize their dreams and create a healthy future for their children. I love the fact that our congregation is able to help in small ways.


In addition to volunteering, you’ve also worked as a liaison between PCHAS and St. John’s to help recruit new volunteers. Why do you feel it is important to help in this way?

My church community is full of very loving individuals who want to be used by God as his hands and feet to make his kingdom on earth a reality. Working with PCHAS affords us the opportunity to implement our faith by reaching out and extending our hearts to those in need of encouragement, support and love. Each of us has different gifts, skills and talents to share with others. By sharing ourselves with others, we also become better people and are able to shine the light of Jesus into this world.