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Congratulations to our 2016 highschool and college graduates!


What year/grade did you graduate from PCHAS’ care? What high school?
I graduated in Spring 2013 from Waxahachie Global High School. In two years, I was able to graduate with my Associate’s Degree even before I got my high school diploma! Global’s partnership with Navarro College made this possible.

What college did you attend?
I will graduate from The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in May. Because I already had my Associate’s Degree, I had a lot of credits under my belt going into college, so it took me only three years to graduate. My major is 3D animation.

Are you currently employed or were you employed in the past?
As a Terry Scholar, all my college fees are paid for, so I don’t have to worry about working and can focus on my studies. In high school, I worked at the Waxahachie Daily Light newspaper so I could save some money for college. During my years there, I served as a cartoonist, videographer, photographer and reporter. I enjoyed the work, as I was allowed to do so many creative things.

During college, were you involved in activities on/off campus? Which ones?
In college, I served as Vice President and Art Chair of the UTD Ballroom Dance Club and as the historian of UTD’s Animation Guild. I also attended a semester-long leadership program and was a member of the Student Game Developer Association. I was on the Dean’s List and was named UTD Student of the Year of the Arts and Humanities department. I also received the Workforce Youth Participant of the Year Award from Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas.

What are your plans after college graduation?
I have been applying for internships at animation studios and will continue to work on my “demo reel,” a compilation of the animation projects that I completed in college.

Are there other interesting things about you?
I like to write music! As a singer-songwriter, I have performed in coffee shops in El Paso and at UTD. I enjoy reading, and here’s a fun fact: I can say the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, but that hasn’t really come in handy…yet!