Graduation 2016

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The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance
Proverbs 21:5

Ryan was in second grade when his mother died. A middle child in a large sibling group overcome with sadness and uncertainty, Ryan could have been overlooked. He could have been separated from his siblings and left alone with his fears and devastating loss. Instead, Ryan was embraced, loved and nurtured at PCHAS. Now, as Ryan graduates high school and prepares to study chemistry in college, he is an inspiration to everyone he meets.

At an age when most of his peers were struggling with their times tables, Ryan faced a much more difficult struggle. The loss of his mother, who was his only caregiver, made it very likely that Ryan would become disconnected from his four siblings. Placement of large sibling groups is difficult since many foster families are not able to accommodate them. Fortunately, the PCHAS Group Homes can accept such sibling groups, so his sister and three brothers all came to live under the same roof. The children had the solidarity and support of each other and also the love and guidance of exceptionally skilled and devoted longtime home parents.

Ryan’s two older siblings have transitioned into adulthood and now he is on the cusp of this exciting transition. His home parents, have every confidence that Ryan will succeed in college and beyond. They explain that Ryan works hard in school, at his job, as a volunteer and in all of his activities. An honor student and President of his school’s student government, Ryan is also a beloved employee at a local recreational center. He has been careful with the money he earns and has saved nearly every paycheck in hopes of buying a car. To stay focused on his dreams and aspirations, Ryan writes down his life goals and posts the list above his bed. He is looking forward to realizing his dreams of attending college and becoming a biomedical engineer.

At PCHAS, we know that trauma need not extinguish the dreams of children. A stable home and caring relationships can nurture the trust and strength a child needs to realize those dreams. We celebrate with Ryan and other graduating seniors in our care! And, we give thanks to PCHAS staff and friends who help ensure that children receive the care they need to move toward a bright and promising future.