Creating a Forever Family

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The day they adopted baby Joe was a day Mark and Melissa Buchanan and their daughter, Rachel, will never forget.  Mark and Melissa had been hoping to adopt a baby for some time, so when the phone rang and it was their PCHAS social worker, they held their breath. They had been waiting for a call from the PCHAS social worker – a call regarding a baby that might be available for adoption.

The baby had tested positive for cocaine and needed a foster family to care for him. Mark and Melissa knew there was a chance Joe would return home to his birth family, but in the meantime they wanted to provide a loving home for him.

Mark, Melissa, and Rachel fell in love with Joe.  They wanted what was best for him and supported Child Protective Services’ goal of family reunification.  They participated in family visits with the birthmother, birthfather, aunts, cousins and siblings.  Mark and Melissa took advantage of having time with his family so they could gather photos for Joe’s baby book.

Joe’s birth family did not follow the plan set forth by the court, a judge terminated parental rights, and Mark and Melissa looked forward to adopting Joe. Just one year after accepting emergency placement of Joe, they finalized their adoption and welcomed Joe into their forever family.

Thanks to the love and support of Mark and Melissa, one year later Joe is thriving. He’s a happy baby who smiles easily and shows signs of being a highly intelligent child. Mark and Melissa could not be happier. And they are grateful to their PCHAS social worker who supports them every step of the way. Thanks to God for loving people like Mark and Melissa!