A Second Chance

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Jessica gets a second chance through our Transitional Living Program

Jessica came to the PCHAS Transitional Living Program after many struggles. She began using street drugs at the age of 15. Her disruptive behavior resulted in Jessica being kicked off the school swim team and eventually out of her high school. As her drug use and dangerous behavior continued, her mother found the PCHAS Group Home Program. Jessica’s life began to improve in the group home. She shared the home with seven other girls and received much love and support from the two home parents. For the six months that she stayed in the group home, Jessica attended school and avoided drug use. But one day, things changed. Jessica decided to run away and move in with her new boyfriend. When the police located Jessica one week later, she was returned to her parents.

While she was able to complete high school and begin work at a sandwich shop, Jessica spent most of her money on drugs. She became homeless when her parents realized that she was using drugs again and insisted that she leave their house. As she looks back on her period of homelessness, Jessica remembers contemplating suicide many times. She believes that God is the only reason that she survived the spiraling drug use and the dangers of living on the street.

Jessica was in a desperate circumstance before PCHAS provided another opportunity to her. The PCHAS group home parent who had cared for Jessica earlier never forgot her. When the new Transitional Living Program opened in San Antonio, her former group home parent reached out to Jessica.

She explained to Jessica that this new residential program helps young people who have “aged-out” of foster care by offering financial, emotional, and housing support. The Transitional Living Program was just what Jessica needed to gain her footing on a new path. Jessica, like so many young people who age-out of foster care, are at-risk for homelessness, incarceration, poverty and unplanned pregnancy. By providing guidance and support during this pivotal period of her early adulthood, the Transitional Living Program enabled Jessica to establish new patterns of self-care and responsibility.

For Jessica, the Transitional Living Program changed the course of her life. She says, “I couldn’t be more thankful to PCHAS for giving me a secure and safe home and for offering the necessary support to overcome drug abuse.” Currently, Jessica is working full-time and saving money for professional training in cosmetology.  “I’ve never been more grateful to any organization in my life,” she says.  Her appreciation extends to the caring PCHAS staff and to all the donors and volunteers. For all those at PCHAS who helped give her a second chance, Jessica offers an enthusiastic expression of her gratitude: “THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!”