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Creating a Forever Family

The day they adopted baby Joe was a day Mark and Melissa Buchanan and their daughter, Rachel, will never forget.  Mark and Melissa had been hoping to adopt a baby for some time, so when the phone rang and it was their PCHAS social worker, they held their breath. They had been waiting for a (Read More…)

Visiting with Edith “Deedy” Bennett

Rev. Peter D. Crouch, PCHAS Vice President for Development, recently enjoyed visiting with Mrs. Edith “Deedy” Bennett, the daughter of Rev. N.R. “Pop” Hawkins, who was President of Southwestern Presbyterian Orphanage and School in Itasca from 1936-1956 — affectionately known today as the PCHAS Group Home Campus in Itasca. Mrs. Bennett developed numerous friendships with (Read More…)

Meet Lauren

“I am a single mother who works hard to manage my depression and anxiety so that I can provide my children with the best life possible.  Recently, out of commitment to my healing and to the well-being of my children, I ended a relationship with my daughter’s father, who was abusive and violent. His abusive (Read More…)

A Second Chance

Jessica gets a second chance through our Transitional Living Program Jessica came to the PCHAS Transitional Living Program after many struggles. She began using street drugs at the age of 15. Her disruptive behavior resulted in Jessica being kicked off the school swim team and eventually out of her high school. As her drug use (Read More…)