Thank You!

Amplify Thanks 1

Thank you to everyone who supported PCHAS during Amplify Austin! Together, we raised over $5,600 for children and families in need!

Deborah Davis (gift in memory of Emma Overfelt)

Lisa Maxwell (gift in honor of Margaret Barry)

Gene Wright

Elisa Lopez

Kris Calder

Madelyn Mitchell

Christy Rome

Mary Graf (gift in memory of Kenneth Graf)

Kelly Melnyk

Karen Grice

Sara Maxwell

Kathy Escandell

Jean McCasland

Melanie Williamson

Jeffry Nazzaro

Carol Cain (gift in honor of Mary Jo Gollnick)

J M Ussery

Lindsay Wiebrand (gift in honor of Katie Nelson)

Margaret Barry (gift in memory of Anne Barry)

Pamela Gonzalez

Suzanne McFarlane

Jennifer Quintero-Pitts

Elizabeth Raiford

Joanna Tychowski

Amanda Laurence

Doris Rome

Allison Harris

Dean Marvin

Christopher A. Perez

Emily Hoppe

Linda Bishop

Carol Murphy

Ryan Bishop

Virginia Lynch (in honor of Ginny Lynch)

Also a big thank you to our anonymous donors!