Joan Salvant – The Artist Behind PCHAS Paintings

Joan Slavant_Web Crop 2

If you have visited PCHAS’ Central Office in Austin, you have no doubt seen the 15 beautiful water color paintings of PCHAS’ campuses in Waxahachie and Itasca. The paintings hold a place of honor in PCHAS’ main conference room. What you may not know is that the artist who created them, Joan Salvant, is a seventh-generation Presbyterian married to a former Presbyterian pastor, Ed Salvant, and that all the paintings were done pro bono.


When PCHAS opened its central office in Austin, Joan traveled to the campuses, meeting the children who lived there and making sketches of the children and the buildings that she would later use to make the paintings. “One of the things I have always believed is that people receive gifts from God, and when we are given a gift, we are expected to use it for good. It is important to me that I use my gifts to do the Lord’s work. And I try to do so in any way I can,” she said.


Joan was very impressed with what she saw when she visited PCHAS’ campuses. “It warms your heart to see where the children live and to see what PCHAS has done for them,” she said about her visit to the Itasca campus. “PCHAS provides a beautiful, Christian, loving environment for these children; a place they can call home. The PCHAS staff working there are incredibly dedicated to their cause.”


In addition to donating her beautiful water colors, she and her husband support PCHAS in many other ways, including making monetary donations. PCHAS is very grateful to Joan and Ed Salvant and to all of its dedicated supporters. Thank you!


By Lindsay Sloan