Communicating God’s Love

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Christina, an eleven-year-old removed from abusive parents and placed in the care of PCHAS, recently asked one of her group home parents if she could hold an envelope that had arrived in the mail. Her group home parent said, “of course,” and asked Christina if she was expecting something in the day’s mail. After a few moments of silence, Christina explained that she wanted to see the printed address of her group home so that she could be certain of where she lived. The young girl was so disoriented from the multiple traumas of abuse and relocation that she wanted to see in print the address of her new home. She needed assurance that she had a home, a place of belonging, in which she would be safe and loved.

When Christina’s group home parent told her that she could keep the envelope, Christina replied, “No, it looks valuable, you should have it back.”  The PCHAS parent replied, “You are valuable to us, you may keep it so that you will know that you have a safe home and that we will take care of you for as long as you need us.” Christina cried as she thanked her home parent and then carried the envelope to her room.  This story illustrates the small and unexpected ways that we communicate God’s love to children in our care.  In the words of a former client, “If no one tells you that you are special, how do you learn that?”  PCHAS staff, volunteers and supporters go out of our way to express to the children and families in trauma that they are special and cherished children of God.

Communicating God’s Love in Unexpected Ways