Adoption – Meet the Van Roo Family

Van Roo

“Several years ago, my husband and I adopted two boys through PCHAS foster-to-adopt program. Through this program, we opened up our home and hearts to two adorable, rambunctious, fun-loving boys, Nathan and Joshua, as foster parents. After some time, the biological parents’ parental rights were taken away and we finalized the adoption. Our family was finally complete: two parents, two cats, two dogs and two boys.

Because Nathan and Joshua were abused and neglected by their biological family, they have very deep wounds. Traditional talk or play therapy did not work for our children. Our oldest son had recently come out of his fifth inpatient mental health hospitalization. These hospitalizations only reinforced to our son that if he “misbehaved” he would be sent away just like in his biological family. It wasn’t building a trusting and loving relationship. Sadly, we were considering placing our child in a residential treatment facility.

“The services we have received from Lauren and PCHAS in the last six months has completely transformed our family.”


Then we met Lauren Lieb, PCHAS’ Child and Family Specialist in Austin. Lauren shared the benefits of Trust-Based Relational Intervention, or TBRI.  It is used by caregivers to treat traumatized children. PCHAS began implementing TBRI in its programs shortly before my family and I came into PCHAS’ care. The services we have received from Lauren and PCHAS in the last six months has completely transformed our family. TBRI has taught me how to be a better mother. It has helped me be more nurturing to my sons.

TBRI is tough work. And I get odd looks when I pull my bag of TBRI tricks out when my children and I are in public. But I know deep down it’s what my children need. By no means are we out of the woods. Each day my husband and I remind ourselves that we are in it for the long haul. We want to help break the cycle of trauma, abuse and neglect caused by their biological family. Because of the positive changes I’ve seen with TBRI, I have decided to become a social worker and share TBRI with other families.

With your generous donations, you are helping so many families just like mine.

Thank You!


by Lori Van Roo