Carissa’s Adoption Story

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In honor of National Adoption Month, we are re-publishing a blog post written by Carissa Cassatt, a PCHAS adoptive parent.

No one ever said life was easy. Well, that might be true, but with God by our side, our journey through the adoption process has turned out perfectly for our family.

Before we married, my husband, Thomas, and I knew we wanted to adopt at least one child through Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services. My brother and I had been adopted through the Homes of St. Mark, a precursor to PCHAS.

After five years of marriage, Thomas and I learned it would be difficult for us to give birth. This was tough to hear, but we knew it was God’s plan and started the adoption process with PCHAS. It took two years to be blessed with the most beautiful and perfect little boy — our loving, energetic, wonderful son, Trevor. It is crazy to see how you can completely lose yourself in love. Our son did this for us.

When Trevor turned two, we were ready to start the adoption process again. We contacted Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services and began the journey again. Nearly one year later, we got a call from PCHAS. Another wonderful boy was going to join our family. We set up the nursery and waited. Finally we received the phone call we’d been waiting for — our son was born! Man, we were so excited!

We got up the next day, packed the car, and were rearing to go. Then we received a call from PCHAS. We were told the adoption plan had changed. The birth father came forward and decided he wanted to keep his son. This was very painful news. But God has a plan, and we had been blessed with Trevor. We came home after church and just played and played with Trevor. We had to let him know that he was not going to be a big brother after all. For a few weeks after we gave him this sad news, he kept asking when his brother was going to come home. That was very tough to handle.

When Trevor turned three, Thomas and I took the day off from work to take him to the zoo and the aquarium. When we pulled up to the aquarium, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw that the PCHAS office staff was calling. What happened next was forever life changing. I answered the call; it was Mandy from the agency. She told us we had been selected (by the birth parents) to become parents of a healthy baby girl and if we could drive to Houston. Thomas and I looked at each other and said “of course, we will be down tomorrow!” We came home, on Trevor’s birthday, packed up, and got ready to make the drive to Houston the next morning.

When we got to PCHAS, we met with Alexis’ birth mother. She is a wonderful lady! The decision to create an adoption plan for her child was very difficult for her, but she said that she knew it was the best thing she could do for her daughter.

We talked – birth mother to birth parents — for several hours about all sorts of things. We talked about food, sports, what activities she hoped Alexis would be involved with when she got older. After the conversation ended, in came the most precious angel, baby Alexis Marie.

We knew life would not be perfect and that the adoption process would not be easy. But we have been blessed with Trevor and Alexis! God is good!

By Carissa Cassatt

Carissa’s Adoption Story
Meet Carissa, Thomas, Trevor and Alexis