Giving Thanks – To Those Who Adopt

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November is National Adoption Month. This adoption story will warm your heart.

Todd and Samuel (ages 5 and 6) were removed from their birth family by Child Protective Services and temporarily placed in a foster home. After some time, they were placed in “kinship care” with their grandmother and great aunt.

When Todd and Samuel’s grandmother, Judy, began using drugs, their great aunt, Kristin, was left to care for the two boys by herself. Kristin loved the boys, but after a few weeks, she began to experience health problems and realized she was not able to provide the care the boys need.

Kristin approached a PCHAS Child and Family Specialist and expressed an interest in open adoption for her nephews. She learned that because Todd and Samuel’s biological parental rights were not terminated, she could not place them in adoption. She hired an attorney, who was instrumental in terminating parental rights, which made the boys eligible for adoption.

Kristin visited the adoptive family, the Morgans, over a period of months while the family received extensive training from PCHAS. They secured a TBRI therapist, and the family is adjusting well. Todd and Samuel are now settled in a wonderful, permanent home, and they are thankful to still have a relationship with Kristin.

Todd and Samuel’s adoption was made possible thanks to the cooperation of many PCHAS staff, who worked as a team. The staff came from several PCHAS programs, including Child and Family, Foster Care and Adoption.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family this year, please pray for Todd and Samuel, their adoptive family and Kristin. Please also pray for the nearly 200 children PCHAS will help find permanent homes for in 2015.


Remember that November is NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH!
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by Margaret Barry