Group Homes – Meet Trisha


Trisha had never been to church before she came to stay with Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ Group Home in Waxahachie.

Her mom worked hard at her job in a day care center, but she did not earn enough to pay the rent at the apartment where they were living. The family was evicted when they got behind in their rent, and they moved from one homeless shelter to another. Going to church was not something that Trisha’s mom even thought about. It was difficult enough just finding a safe place for the family to stay and to feed her children.

Trisha and her four siblings came to live at the safe and loving PCHAS Group Home when Trisha was six years old. PCHAS involved the children in Bible studies and church, and shared with them that there’s a loving God who is always present. Trisha and her siblings all enjoyed attending church every Sunday and learning about God. Trisha also joined the youth fellowship group at her church, which met once a week in the evening. All the children said prayers before breakfast each morning and before dinner each night. This helped them develop a life-long faith in God.

When Trisha turned 14 years old, she was invited to be baptized and join the church as a young adult. She agreed and thanked her pastor and Sunday School teacher for teaching her about God’s love. Trisha enjoys sharing stories about Jesus with her siblings so that they may find the same comfort.

Her mother came to visit her children at the Waxahachie campus regularly during their many years in residence. She struggled not just with poverty but with alcoholism, so her journey was long and arduous. But with help from PCHAS’ Child and Family and Single Parent Family Programs, she eventually became sober, found gainful employment and moved into an apartment of her own! Trisha also helped her mother along the way by sharing with her the good news of Jesus Christ.

When Trisha graduated from high school, she went to college. During her freshman year, she was reunited with her mother, who was recently baptized. The entire family finds strength in God.

“And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.” — Luke 2:40