Child and Family – Meet Ben and Amy


While many of the children are referred to PCHAS Group Homes by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, private placements are still a priority, and make up the majority of the children in our Group Homes. Here’s a story about a girl placed into our care by her grandfather.

A grandfather, Ben was raising his 16-year-old granddaughter, Amy. Ben clearly loved his granddaughter, and was making every effort to connect with her and give her what she needed. But Amy was depressed and was isolating herself from others. The family was referred to PCHAS through the family’s therapist. After talking with Ben and Amy, a PCHAS Child and Family Specialist recommended that Ben place Amy in a PCHAS Group Home. Ben agreed that placement in a PCHAS Group Home was the best way to help Amy. He also wanted to learn some parenting skills that would better equip him to support Amy emotionally.

“Amy responded positively to her Home Parents as they balanced structure and nurture.”


When she toured the PCHAS Group Home in Itasca, Amy was accompanied by her grandfather, step-grandmother, her grandmother, PCHAS Child and Family staff and the youth pastor from her church. Amy was moved to see so many people surrounding her with love and support. “I never knew I had so many people who cared about me,” she said. The day of placement, as everyone sat around the table to set family goals, Ben, with tears in his eyes, looked across the table at his smiling granddaughter and said, “Just to see her smile again makes me so happy. I was afraid she was lost forever. Thank you.”

Amy responded positively to her Home Parents as they balanced structure and nurture, and engaged her grandfather in visits with Amy. Ben’s relationship with Amy is growing healthy and strong as he learns more about his granddaughter and how to communicate more effectively with her.  Amy came out of her isolation, is outgoing and happy. “Although the family has thanked us many times,” said the Group Home Parents, “We feel that we have been the most blessed to see the growth and love in this family blossom. We look forward to seeing this family become stronger, with the goal of reunification at the end of the school year.”