Education – Meet Joe Rosales


When he was twelve years old, Joe Rosales’ parents sought rehabilitation for their drug use and placed Joe in a PCHAS Group Home.

“PCHAS took me off the streets and helped me move away from the difficult life I could have had,” said Joe. “When I first came to the Group Home, it was very intimidating. I was so used to being neglected, the structure imposed by my Home Parents was hard to get used to. Eventually, I realized that structure was good for me,” said Joe.

After Joe left the Group Home, he attended college for a year, but had a difficult time adjusting to the freedom of college life. Now 28 years old, he proudly serves in the United States Air Force. He served two six-month tours in Kuwait and eight months in Afghanistan and earned two associate’s degrees along the way (Criminal Justice, and Instructor of Technology and Military Science). He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Joe receives financial aid for his textbooks and supplies from PCHAS’ Advanced Education Services.

“PCHAS took me off the streets and helped me move away from the difficult life I could have had.”

The Advanced Education team not only helps high school graduates in PCHAS Group Homes submit college applications, apply for financial aid and find housing, but also provides funding, career counseling and emotional support for recent graduates as well as returning clients like Joe.

Gayle Jordan, PCHAS’ Advanced Education Coordinator, keeps in touch with Joe to ensure he has everything he needs to move forward academically and professionally. She is proud of the progress he has made. “The hard part for most of these kids is that they age out of our program and enter the adult world with no adult or family support,” said Gayle. “Joe entered into this adult’s world with almost no guidance. We really want to see the kids who leave our Group Homes be successful and we will do everything we can to help them succeed.”

Joe will continue to serve in the Air Force and plans on keeping in touch with PCHAS as he completes his bachelor’s degree. Joe was able to find and follow his path in life, something that is hard for any person to do, and he did so with determination. Joe’s story continues to inspire all of us at PCHAS. We wish him success in his future endeavors.