David Gibson, Special Advisor to PCHAS Program Staff

David Gibson and Pie

David Gibson, the newly-named part-time Special Advisor to PCHAS program staff, has a long history with PCHAS. He has served PCHAS in a variety of roles, his most recent being Vice President for Community Services. In that role, David traveled throughout Texas and Louisiana meeting with the 22 PCHAS social workers in 17 cities. Since he joined PCHAS in 1997, he has driven more than 1,200 miles per week, 70,000 per year, nearly a million miles.

In addition to the Child and Family Program, David oversaw the Single Parent Family Program in Houston. Before he came to PCHAS, he graduated from Baylor University in Waco, with a degree in history and economics. He soon realized that social work was his true calling, so he attended The University of Texas in Arlington and earned a master’s degree in social work. “Once I entered the field of social work, I was hooked,” he said.

“He has driven more than 1,200 miles per week, 70,000 per year, nearly a million miles.”


David began his career as a social worker in the Texas juvenile corrections system, where he worked with teenagers in the juvenile justice division. While doing this work, he realized that for some teenagers, intervention came too late to make meaningful changes in the children’s lives. “I wanted to help at-risk children and their families before it was too late. I wanted to be involved in children’s lives at the earliest possible time,” David said.

In the 1990s, David developed PCHAS’ Child and Family Program, which does just that. Through intensive counseling and support, the program helps preserve families in times of crisis. The program is free of charge and unlike other family preservation programs there is no time limit on the number of weeks that the family can receive our services. This is one thing that makes the program unique. Annual gifts from PCHAS supporters allows the agency to support clients for as long as they need help. “Most agencies in Texas rely on state reimbursements, and usually have a two month maximum. This can be devastating to families who have finally built a trusting relationship with their social worker,” he said.

There is another reason the program is successful. “What makes a difference is the determination of our staff. PCHAS social workers have genuine empathy, are highly motivated, understanding, educated and committed,” said David.

Child and Family Specialists have helped more than 11,121 families over the past ten years. Currently, the program serves more than 2,400 children and 1,120 families a year. “There is a huge need for the program. Sometimes we are the only thing preventing homelessness. The families face enormous stress from problems such as the death of parents, divorce, illness, homelessness, violence and substance abuse.” David said.

“Child and Family Specialists have helped more than 11,121 families over the past ten years.”


PCHAS makes every effort to make churches and other social service agencies aware of its services. The clients find their way to PCHAS through a variety of channels, such as through school counselors, church pastors, and other social service agencies.

“We want to be effective for every family, not just most of them. For the program to be effective, each family must have a plan that is created just for them – in conjunction with them. The plan must fit each family’s unique circumstances. There are no cookie cutter approaches,” said David.

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David has earned a reputation for knowing where to find the best pie in Texas. He recommends the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, the Koffee Kup in Hico and the Flying Saucer in Houston. So there you have it!

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