Exes Day: A PCHAS Family Reunion

Itasca Exes Day - Upchurch Family

Upchurch Family at the 2014 Itasca Exes Day

Former PCHAS Group Homes residents have been reuniting every year since the 1960’s


Every summer, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ Itasca campus, hosts a reunion for its former Group Home residents and staff. Every June, the celebration’s called “Exes Day,” which stands for ex-group home residents. This reunion gives former residents and staff a chance to reconnect and share stories about their time at the homes. Nearly 100 or more people travel from all over the country to attend this annual reunion.

The “Exes” exchange stories and fond memories of their days growing up at the homes. The children, many of whom were orphans, said that living on the campus was very much like being part of a family. They bonded over daily chores, trips to the movies and going to church.

“We did everything together. Back then we had two large buses, and if we wanted to go to the movies, they [the home parents] would load up a whole crew of us and we would drive to Waxahachie. We would all march in, pack the theater, and enjoy ourselves.” Said Roger Burton, former resident from 1967-1974.

The general consensus among the Exes was that PCHAS provided a loving, stable environment for them to grow up in. Most said that it was a wonderful place to spend their childhood. “We knew we were loved. I love the home. I am who I am today because of the home. I grew up being a Christian and I love the Presbyterian church in Files Valley. There are just so many, many memories,” said Yolie Beavers, former resident from1947-1963.

“I cherish this place. It started a generation of my family and my grandchildren. I appreciate that,” remarked Bill Cammack, former resident from 1944-1954.


The 2015 “Exes Day” will take place Saturday June 13th.

For more information please contact Judy Offutt at judy.offutt@pchas.org; 254.687.2302