Why We Give: George and Linette Harwell

George and Linette Harwell

How did you originally learn about PCHAS?

I was in high school living in Dallas with my parents. We attended First Presbyterian Church where my parents were actively involved in a couple’s class. As part of that class, my parents visited PCHAS’ Itasca campus. Ever since then I have had a close connection with PCHAS.

Linette grew up in a Baptist church near Amarillo. Her dad was involved with a boys’ home on Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. On the ranch, Linette saw young boys her age who were struggling. It was an experience that she never forgot.

It wasn’t until after we had moved to Houston and had kids that we began to become active with PCHAS. We were members of Pines Presbyterian Church. We attended a PCHAS fundraising luncheon in Houston and ventured out on one our first PCHAS Ambassador Retreats.

How long have you been serving this ministry and in what capacities (volunteer, projects, monetary donations, etc.)?

We have served PCHAS for more than 25 years. Since then, we have been both actively giving to PCHAS and volunteering as PCHAS Ambassadors.

What makes you passionate about this organization?

PCHAS has always been well-run and efficient. The organization is very good at utilizing funds to change lives for the better. When we lived in Houston, I was mentoring a young boy not much older than a second grader. He came from a very tough family environment, and it was affecting him greatly. I then began working with the Houston Child and Family Specialist at the time to see if there was something that PCHAS could do. Eventually, it was determined by all parties involved that the boy would best be served by moving into one of the Group Homes on the Itasca campus. I will always remember my experience of seeing how caring and nurturing PCHAS was to the boy and to me as well. I’ll never forget it and that young boy.

Of other charities/organizations that you are associated with, is there anything about Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services that sets it apart or holds a special place in your heart?

PCHAS changes lives. You can see the change as it happens.

Any additional comments you’d like to share about you/Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services?

It’s a good place through and through.