Why I Give: Mark Davis

Mark DavisMark Davis, 14, first learned of PCHAS several years ago from Jana Hobbs, PCHAS Senior Development Officer. His family responded to the immediate need of a Child and Family client whose children were discovered sleeping on the floor with most other basic needs unmet. Bedding, clothing, shoes, books and toys were donated by Mark, who stated, “I know that the items I’ve given have made me content and happy, hopefully another family or child can experience the same.”

Mark feels it’s important for young people to give back, even though they aren’t old enough to have an income. He shared, “If we learn to give now when we have little, we will know how to give more as adults.” His most recent donation was his first financial gift. Several months ago, he participated in a garage sale; he decided what items he wanted to sell, priced them all, and negotiated with buyers. When the day was over, Mark decided to donate a portion of his proceeds to the children and families served by PCHAS.

PCHAS was honored to receive his donation and wanted to discover his motivation for giving. Mark shared, “I’m most passionate about the Foster Care Program because I have friends who’ve been adopted and I’ve seen the affect a loving home can have on children. Overall, PCHAS is set apart because it’s a Christian ministry with Biblical ideals in mind.”

PCHAS is thankful to have special friends like Mark! Even though he stays busy with homework, chores, and baseball practice, he keeps a special place in his heart for those in need.