Our Adoption Story: Elizabeth Flowers

Elizabeth Flowers shared her adoption story at a PCHAS luncheon in Houston:

baby holding mothers handMy husband Heath and I had always wanted to be parents, and after trying to conceive for more than five years, we began to explore adoption. When we started the adoption process with PCHAS, we were well aware that a mother’s decision to place her child with another family can be extremely complicated and painful for her and her family. Storks do not magically deliver babies, yet surprisingly, the adoption agencies we first spoke with did not mention the welfare of birth mothers at all.

What drew us to PCHAS was the staff’s firm commitment to providing real, substantive counseling and support to any mother facing a difficult situation. They offer this love and support — whether or not she chooses to place her child with another family or ultimately decides to parent her child herself.

Our son Thomas’ birth mother, Scarlett, was in a very difficult situation when she experienced an unplanned pregnancy. Through God’s grace, she found us through PCHAS.

When we met Scarlett, she was five months pregnant. We hit it off immediately. She graciously offered us the opportunity to be with her at the hospital for Thomas’ birth, and we keep in contact about once a month, exchanging pictures of our families.

As friends of PCHAS, I want you to know that when you lift up this organization in your prayers (and with other means of support), you have directly helped my family and many other families like ours here in Houston. We applaud churches who support worthwhile causes overseas, but we often forget about the people who need us right here in our own back yard.

This summer when we start the adoption process again, your prayers and donations to PCHAS continue to help us expand our family. Every day, PCHAS’ Adoption Program transforms people’s lives by placing children in loving homes.

Thank you so much for supporting PCHAS. Your help enables PCHAS to comfort more than 4,500 children and families each year — families just like ours.

By: Elizabeth Flowers


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