A Place Called Home: PCHAS Guest Houses Open for Visitors and College Students


PCHAS is excited to be able to provide short-term housing in guest houses on both our Waxahachie and Itasca campuses. The recently-opened Guest House on the Waxahachie Group Home campus provides housing for previous PCHAS Group Home residents who are 18 years or older and are currently active in our Advanced Education Program. Once accepted through an application process, these former residents can stay at the Guest House free of charge during the summer, weekends and holidays when their college dorms are closed. Many of these young people cannot (or choose not to) go home during these times and have nowhere else to go. For some of them, PCHAS is the only home they know. The guest house helps to fill that gap and provides these students with a place they can return to that is familiar and where they know they will be cared for.

A guest house on the Itasca Group Home campus serves as a place where parents and other family members of the children in our care can stay, free of charge, for short periods of time. This allows them to visit their children and spend time together as a family. Due to the campus’ remote location and the financial hardships faced by many of the families that we serve, it is helpful for them to have a place to gather at no cost. When not in use by a family, the house is available to visiting PCHAS staff and other ministries that serve the children in our care. The guest house is perfect for visiting church groups providing mission service and pastors who would like a peaceful place to stay during a “study leave.” To reserve a room at the Itasca guest house, please contact Judy Offutt at Judy.Offut@pchas.org.

By: Allison Bohanan