Why I Volunteer: Judy Braselton, Corpus Christi Ambassador

Judy Braselton, volunteer

Judy Braselton

How did you hear about PCHAS and how did you get involved?

I heard of PCHAS through church activities and newsletter articles and because a PCHAS social worker has an office in our church.  I learned more when I served on my church’s “Church in Society” committee, which studies various mission projects in which church members can participate.  I’ve been serving as a PCHAS Ambassador for two years. I promoted PCHAS when our church participated in offerings for PCHAS on Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day.  I helped get the word out by giving a Minute for Mission about PCHAS and by submitting articles about PCHAS that were published in our church newsletter.

I am involved with several volunteer projects that benefit the children and families in PCHAS’ care, including a back-to-school project, which provides school supplies for children, and the Gingerbread Project, which collects learning games, art material, and books to distribute to PCHAS clients. I also help with Christmas parties and a variety of other event-based fund raising projects, including a mission market.

What makes you passionate about PCHAS?

When I started teaching in junior high schools, I had some seventh graders who spelled on second grade level, which was very frustrating for them.  Working with them to improve their skills was very rewarding.  Then I began teaching special education and later became an educational diagnostician.  Through all these experiences, I became very familiar with the issues facing children from dysfunctional families.  When children live in dysfunctional situations, they usually fall behind in school.  Continually failing or struggling does damage to an already wounded child.  Education provides a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and for many children, a road out of poverty.

Through Christ-centered programs PCHAS serves so many children and families who need our help.  I want them to have an opportunity to have the best life they can.  That’s why I volunteer to support PCHAS.