Caring Congregation: Island Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi Q&A with Pastor Rick Mills

Pastor Rick Mills

Pastor Rick Mills

Q: How does your church serve this ministry and in what capacity?

A: We have been fortunate to host children from Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ group homes during Vacation Bible School (VBS) for many years. The children from PCHAS, who are mostly teenagers, teach the younger kids.  The kids from PCHAS bring energy and enthusiasm that I have not seen in the other five congregations I have served over the past 40 years. Although we do have some young families, the demographic here at Island Presbyterian Church is mostly retired adults. We are a congregation of loving grandparents. Having these young people from PCHAS around invigorates our members.

Q: What makes you (and your church) passionate about this organization?

A: PCHAS is a wonderful place. Thanks to support from PCHAS staff, kids who were abused or neglected are able to overcome their obstacles. The PCHAS kids know they are loved.

Q: Any additional comments you’d like to share?

A: People at our church who volunteer for VBS are amazed when they meet the PCHAS children. One of the kids was a shy, nervous 9th grader when she first came to teach VBS at our church. Now she practically leads the program! To see lives changed is just incredible. When I read their high school graduation stories in From the Heart, a PCHAS newsletter, I was very moved. For one week during VBS, we have these children and we show them the love of God. VBS is one of the most tangible ways to see how God at work.