Meet Jessica Jurica — Volunteer Extraordinaire!

Meet Jessica Jurica -- Volunteer Extraordinaire!

Jessica Jurica

A new volunteer, Jessica Jurica, has made herself indispensable to one of PCHAS’ Waxahachie campus group homes. Here is her story:

Jessica is a mother of a 10-year-old and has a full-time job. But because her work-at-home job gives her flexibility that many volunteers don’t have, she was able to stay with the girls at one of the group homes while their Home Parents spent the day driving several other girls to colleges in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The entering college freshmen needed to visit their college campuses and the Home Parents needed an extra pair of eyes and ears to make it all happen.

Jessica had been introduced to the girls in the home just a few weeks before this critical need arose. She was able to attend to the girls’ needs and get her work done at the same time. She brought her laptop to the home, answered her work email and spent valuable time with the girls who did not go on the day-long road trip.

The Home Parents are grateful to Jessica for her willingness to go the extra mile to help them out in their time of need. She gained their trust and respect and became a part of the group home family in record time. She was glad for the opportunity to help PCHAS and she had a great time with the girls!

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