Houston Single Parent Family Program Construction Update

Houston Single Parent Family Program Construction UpdateBy Rev. Peter D. Crouch

PCHAS Vice President for Development

It’s an exciting time at the site of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ Single Parent Family program on the campus of St John’s Presbyterian Church in Houston!  Construction is moving right along and each day we get closer to our goal: giving struggling mothers a chance to raise their children in a safe, nurturing environment.

Many of us see a homeless person – alone – on the street and it’s heartbreaking. Most people don’t realize that single mothers with children comprise the largest homeless population. They are struggling to build lives for themselves while caring for their children.

That’s why Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) created its Single Parent Family program. The program helps single mothers who are facing homelessness due to poverty, abuse, divorce, abandonment, violence or other crises. We give these women a chance to become strong and self-sufficient without constantly fearing for their and their children’s survival and safety.

We have two other Single Parent Family programs in Texas as well – in Weatherford and Waxahachie. Over the years, we’ve helped over 50 single moms gain their independence.

A “graduate” of one of our programs had this to say about her experience with PCHAS:

“I held a position with a daycare, but the wages were too low for me to be able to provide for myself and my two children. I didn’t have savings to fall back on. That’s when someone told me about Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services and their Single Parent Family program. I can honestly say if it weren’t for this program, my children and I would probably be living in my car or worse. If I hadn’t been rescued, I would have lost my job and perhaps my beautiful son and daughter too. Through this program, my family was provided with a safe place to live, and PCHAS treated me with dignity.”
(You are invited to read the full testimonial).

PCHAS’ Single Parent Family program would not exist without the prayers and financial support of all our generous donors.  For more information about this project please contact me or Jana Hobbs, PCHAS Senior Development Officer in Houston. You can reach me at peter.crouch@pchas.org. Jana can be reached at jana.hobbs@pchas.org.