Two volunteers needed to mentor a brother and sister in Houston (Pearland area)

Two volunteers needed to mentor a brother and sister in Houston (Pearland area)D. and D., a brother and sister aged 9 and 8, reside with their grandmother, who is raising these children plus two other grandchildren as a single-parent. The grandmother is employed full-time and believes that both children could benefit from a positive mentor/role-model in their lives.

Served by our Foster Care kinship connections program in Houston, this family needs some extra support from volunteers.  A volunteer mentor for each of the two children is ideal.

The 9-year-old boy loves sports, especially soccer, board games, computer games, and reading.  He has a good attitude toward life and loves school.  He needs emotional support to help him build his confidence and establish peer relationships.  The 8-year-old girl loves soccer, basketball and reading.  She is very loving and a “thinker.”  She needs the same kind of support as her brother.

Ideally, a male and a female will volunteer to mentor these children.  Applicants will participate in the PCHAS Volunteer Application process, which includes about six hours of volunteer training.  There is no cost for the training.

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