Foster / Adoptive Parent, Paula Boyd, Shares Her Story

I originally came in contact with PCHAS because I heard about becoming a foster/adoptive parent to assist with adopting a DFPS kinship placement in my home. I met with PCHAS, decided to go through their process, and became a licensed foster/adoptive parent with the agency. I was able to finalize the adoption of my daughter in December 2012. While I was completing this process, I was asked if I had ever thought about being a foster parent to other children as well. I had never really considered it before, but I thought and prayed about the possibility. A seed was planted in my heart, and the more I spent time taking care of my daughter the more that seed grew. I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the life of a vulnerable child. I wanted to provide support not only to a child but to a family, with the goal of rebuilding and strengthening that family. I wanted to help children get what they need, so they can grow up to live happier, more stable adult lives.

PCHAS and I decided to continue working with one another after the adoption of my daughter, and I have been a foster parent to numerous children. I have had 2 different sibling groups come and go, but have been caring for the most recent sibling group of 3 boys since Christmas day of 2012.

The happiest and proudest moment in my journey so far has been the adoption of my daughter.  I was elated to be blessed with such a beautiful soul. Proud and happy moments continue to come into my life as she grows, overcomes obstacles and accomplishes milestones.

The saddest moment in this journey was saying goodbye to my first placement of foster siblings, who were only placed with me for less than a month. They were moved out of my home to live with relatives. You don’t know how much a 2 month old and a 2 year old understand about going to live with relatives they have never met, but I know that it was the best for them. I told them every day prior to them leaving that they were going to live with family who cared a lot about them.

All of the children that have come into my home have left a mark on my heart. They have taught me so much in the way of compassion, understanding, and knowledge in how we should lead our lives.  I am truly grateful to have had the privilege of meeting and getting to share my heart with all of them. I am thankful for PCHAS, who has given me this opportunity to serve children with love and kindness.


By: Paula Boyd, foster/adoptive parent with PCHAS