Children of Covenant Presbyterian’s VBS Raise $2,500 for PCHAS!


Twenty-five 5th and 6th grade children of Covenant Presbyterian Church’s Vacation Bible School, Kingdom Rock, visited the PCHAS central office in Austin on August 14. One of the children, Julia Kay Osgood, presented PCHAS president, Dr. Ed Knight, with a $2,500 check on behalf of the 450 Vacation Bible School (VBS) students. The children also donated household and cleaning supplies for the families in the PCHAS Child and Family program. Below are blog posts written by one of the children, ten-year-old Tiffany Black, and Gayla Stuart, Director of Children and Preteen Ministries at Covenant Presbyterian.


Julia Kay Osgood presents check to PCHAS President, Ed Knight

Julia Kay Osgood presents check to PCHAS President, Ed Knight

Gayla’s Point of View

Mission is a big focus of what we do every year during Vacation Bible School at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Austin.

Based on our past experience with children in Covenant’s VBS, we knew the children in this year’s VBS would respond positively to a project to help other kids, so we chose a mission that supported children, and right here in Austin.  Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) was the perfect choice.

Each day at VBS, we showed a short DVD on a different aspect of PCHAS and what they offered.  We talked about how these kids are just like them, but have had a different experience with their home life.  It was no surprise to us that the children raised money through lemonade stands, put on music shows and sold tickets, donated tooth fairy and birthday money, and emptied their own piggy banks!  They were fully immersed in this mission and fully committed to helping other children.  We were proud we raised $2,500 and we look forward to “partnering” with PCHAS on other projects in the future.

We are so proud of our VBS children! The PCHAS fundraising project is just the latest in a series of mission projects. Last year, we had HUGE success raising money for mosquito nets for the children of Mali.  We proudly sent enough money to purchase 400 nets.  It was a great success and fully engaged the kids.

Teaching children to give is what God calls us to do, and a big part of what we want to emphasize that these children grow in their faith and go out into the world.

By Gayla Stuart, Director of Children and Preteen Ministries, at Covenant Presbyterian



Trinity Black

Trinity’s Point of View

The Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services videos gave me a picture of the children living in PCHAS’ Group Homes. I thought about how hard it would be to be in their shoes and only get to see my parents during visiting hours, instead of everyday.  It touched me to see their parents’ struggles with alcohol and other issues.  They look like such loving kids.  I was sad to see they had ended up in that situation.

I know it took a lot of courage for them to go on video and tell their stories.  They looked like, because of PCHAS, they were living somewhere that made them happy and where people took care of them.  I felt proud of them for being able to speak up and gain control of their situations. PCHAS seemed like a family to these people.  They loved them and took care of them just like a family does.

I liked that PCHAS would take in those kids that needed help and that the people at PCHAS had decided to spend their lives helping people who had been in similar situations as they had been in.  They chose to follow the path of God instead of choosing a job that made a lot more money.  The people that help the children at PCHAS are courageous and strong, just like the children they are helping.

I donated my money to PCHAS because I felt the urge to help these children and families that are going through hard times.  I helped out PCHAS because I want to give children that I can help whatever I can, because if this situation was switched than they would do the same.  I did chores to raise money to give to PCHAS.  Earning money to help others felt better than buying a new pair of shoes.

The people who greeted us at PCHAS were very welcoming.  I felt proud that we had raised so much money and I felt like giving them that money could really make a difference in the lives of the PCHAS families. This was amazing, like trying something for the first time, like bungee jumping. You feel good about it afterwards.

By Trinity Black, VBS Student (age 10)